Internet of Things and Smarter Mobility

Internet of Things and Smarter Mobility

New Internet of Things (IoT) applications that leverage ubiquitous connectivity, big data and analytics are enabling Smart City initiatives all over the world. These new applications introduce tremendous new capabilities such as the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control devices, and to create new insights and actionable information from massive streams of real-time data.
As a result, IoT offerings are transforming cities by improving infrastructure, creating more efficient and cost effective municipal services, enhancing public transportation, reducing traffic congestion, and keeping citizens safe and more engaged in the community.
Forward-thinking cities, smart city solution providers and system integrators recognize that in order to realize the full value of IoT cities must not deliver disparate smart city point solutions, but rather enable a secure and scalable IoT infrastructure that integrates multiple systems.

Urban growth means more congestion and pollution. As a result, the cities of the future will demand smarter solutions to deal with problems such as intelligent traffic management and connected vehicles. The role of technology will increase as cities continue to grow, and tomorrow’s cities can only truly be smart if they enable smart mobility.


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