Driving growth in the mining sector through excellence and impeccable service delivery

Driving growth in the mining sector through excellence and impeccable service delivery

Unidrive Electric Motors is at the forefront of ensuring that Sandvik Mining and Construction RSA (Pty) Ltd continues to make a valuable contribution in the South African mining industry.

“Our relationship has strengthened over time due to consistent service delivery. From Unidrive. I can divide our partnership into three key segments, namely cost, quality and on-time delivery. These three areas are critical for Sandvik to meet its service commitments to its mining clients, and through Unidrive’s partnership. We are continuously achieving these key segments.,” says David Penrose, Workshop Production Planner at Sandvik.

Sandvik Mining and Sandvik Construction are part of the Sandvik Group, a global industrial giant with advanced products and world-leading products in the mining and construction sectors. In South Africa, the group leads in the supply of cemented-carbide tools, service and technical solutions for the excavation and sizing of rock and minerals in the mining and construction industries. Around the world, Sandvik is also involved in the supply of products, technical expertise and business operations improvement processes to the nuclear industry, aviation sector, oil and gas and renewable energy space, amongst others.

Unidrive Electric Motors supplies Sandvik with electric motors of 1000 volts, 525 volts, 380 volts, 230 volts and less. Before being approved as supplier to Sandvik, Unidrive had to meet stringent quality management standards. These standards have to be maintained continuously if a supplier seeks to continue servicing the company.

“Due to our ISO process, any non-conformance. Like non- meeting of deadlines or quality will be identified, and this can have adverse results on the supplier relations. To date no NCR has had to be placed against Unidrive,” added Penrose.

Penrose has been dealing with Unidrive for the past 6 years as the rebuild workshop planner, ensuring that all motors sent out are received back on time to be rebuilt.

David has the enviable position of planning that all customer orders are met and delivered to their satisfaction, and Unidrive plays an important role in the daily operations. “My day-to-day activities are to ensure that the planning for rebuilding and all new equipment is up to date in order for us to have our machine delivered to our customers on time,” says Penrose.

Theo Mashego, Unidrive Managing Director, adds that the company’s partnership with Sandvik is characterised by high service standards and trust stemming from the demands of Sandvik being a global leader, which has to maintain extraordinary standards in the various sectors it operates in.

“Sandvik’s requirements has in a way helped us to improve our own service and products delivery standards, which is now benefiting our entire customer base,” he says.

“As the mining- and infrastructure industry rebounds from the economic slump experienced in the last few years, we expect to continue being a cornerstone support to Sandvik as it continues to deliver excellent service to its clients. We look forward to a long-lasting. And mutually beneficial partnership with Sandvik” adds Mashego