Toshiba Mobile Zero Client

Toshiba Mobile Zero Client

Toshiba South Africa announced Toshiba Mobile Zero Client (TMZC), a mobile zero client solution based on standard laptops that enables companies to perform all IT-based tasks with all data stored away from a set device, offering security, mobility and manageability.

With no operating system or hard drive (HDD), TMZC allows users to access their own virtual desktop, whether at work or at home, with no data hosted locally on either the hard drive or solid state drive (SSD). All functionality and data is available through a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), eliminating the possibility of malware being stored on the device and minimising risk of data theft if PCs are lost or stolen. TMZC offers customers computing without leaving a digital footprint, as well as a simple installation process due to its compatibility with many companies’ existing IT infrastructure.

TMZC is available across a wide range of Toshiba’s latest business laptop range. Beyond supporting the storage of data securely away from the device, on this latest range of laptops, TMZC can provide added protection through Toshiba’s BIOS, designed and built in-house to remove any risk of third-party party interference. The Zero Client BIOS is designed to restrict connections to the management server through authentication and deny any attempt at booting from external devices or unauthorised networks.

“TMZC empowers your staff to work remotely using award-wining Toshiba hardware and supports all major VDI solutions, including Citrix and VMware, which means getting started is easy, and there’s no need to alter your infrastructure.

So you get all the benefits of a zero client solution, with lower installation costs, improved security and higher return on investment,” said Ronald Ravel, business unit director, PC B2B, Toshiba South Africa.

Unlike thin and other zero client alternatives currently available, TMZC gives companies the ability, but also the complete confidence, to support mobile working securely, enabling employees to work productively and efficiently, regardless of their location, which supports companies that are exploring off-premise working patterns. It will also help to pave the way to long-term cost savings.